We're passionate about graphics.

Motion & Design

Making great designs and bringing them to life: that's what we do.

We visualize each idea into a strong unique project by combining our talents in animation, typography and exploring the latest trends and plug-ins. Designs from scratch or based on the clients style: our adaptability knows no limits
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

​The use of augmented reality (AR) offers unparalleled opportunities for building realistic virtual experiences for TV and other screens, especially for sports and entertainment. AR is a valuable addition for the elucidation of information that is being presented and for enhancing the viewer experience (story telling).

Our innovative, young and dynamic team is anxious to design and develop augmented reality for all your sports, entertainment, VR or gaming projects
Live Graphics Operators

Live Graphics

BOOST LIVE develops and implements graphics for (international) Events, Sports, Entertainment and Talk shows. We mix design and software development in order to create a compelling viewer experience and a clear representation of information. 

Our goal is to create great looking, flexible and dynamic live graphics, and deliver the viewer an extra dimension while watching TV and Online.

All together we have over 15 years of experience in enriching your content.
Boost Workspace Development

Software Development & Workflow Automation

In order to link processes together, we engineer the solution to realize your ideas. For that we build specific workflows or develop custom software solutions.

BOOST Solutions



With Boost Maps we combine our custom made 3D environment of the real situation with gps data to show your event in a completely innovating way. Our interactive map gives your viewers a new perspective of for example a race and the live data enriched overview makes it much easier to follow.

It can be used as a feature in your live broadcast or as a second screen solution. The terrain is created using satellite images and height data  which we combine with water, building and forest data to create the best looking 3D live map in broadcasting. We can use real-time data to show weather, wind, distances, speed and more. 

The maps can be used for cycling, running or triathlon events. With our snow shader we can also transition into winter sports like skiing, biatlon & cross country skiing.

Check our Demo right here
Boost Interactive
Boost Interactive

We proudly present a real-time poll app, enhancing the interaction between a live broadcast & the audience at home.
We have a ready-made solution to easily connect all the incoming data to your  broadcasting graphics.

Whether you want it as an on-screen solution or as an Augmented Reality feature in your studio, Boost Graphics helps you to create a unique look & feel according to your wishes.

The results respond immediately to the live voting. This way the viewers & studio panel are involved in the debate together. Your audience participation will get a real boost!

Check our Demo right here
Boost Pixeltracking

It’s been a familiar sight to viewers of the Tour de France, where this solution is being used to highlight cyclists in real-time and generate a unique view with live data. This key feature allows viewers to follow any rider and shows how he is performing at any point throughout the race.

People watching at home are keen on getting more information about their favorite athlete and more useful data in context Pixeltracking is the perfect way to give that information to the viewer. Data for the sake of data is not interesting. The Pixeltracking solution helps to put the message out in a meaningful way.